About ACG Fire and Security

We protect our customers from all angles

ACG Fire and Security is a major systems integrator specialising in high end integrated security, IP CCTV and safety solutions to meet and exceed our customer's requirements.

ACG Fire and Security sets new standards in security installations and service.

Our focus is working closely with our customers to provide a better service whilst improving the protection and lowering the risk to their business.

What We Offer

ACG offer over 20 year's experience in the security industry, we provide service Australia wide and internationally.

Our Capabilities

Our portfolio ranges from installations, service and maintenance in retail, Commercial, Industrial, Airports and Transportation to Government and World Wide Corporations.


All our systems are installed by professionals and comply with all local and international regulations.

We custom design every project to meet the requirements of our customers.


Enterprise Integrated Solutions

ACG Fire and Security specialise in providing large corporations with enterprise integrated solutions.

We can integrate your entire business which makes life a lot easier and makes your business more efficient and secure.

We integrate: